MGLU5238 - Musical productions in collaboration: from idea to realization


Lessons are not given in the academic year 2020/2021

Course content

The course focuses on different kinds of musical productions with relevance for the school. A production is in this context defined as a planned event with artistic intention, e.g concerts, theatre and dance performances, recordings or other collaborative stage performances. During the course the student must initiate, plan, realize and evaluate different kinds of productions, both individually and as a part of a group. An important part of the course is to experience a varied selection of school relevant productions through attending concerts and excursions. Through the course the student is encouraged to explore topics as collaboration, inclusion, multidisciplinarity, target groups, arenas and artistic processes.

Learning outcome

The candidate
- has specialized knowledge about a selection of musical productions from different contexts
- has thorough knowledge about multidisciplinary and artistic collaboration methods inside the frames of musical productions
- has advanced knowledge about how aestethic and artistic learning processes happen in artistic musical work
- has in-depth knowledge about how musical content can be adapted to specific forms of productions, target groups and arenas

The candidate
- can initiate, plan and realize different kinds of musical productions
- can establish contact with and carry out musical collaborative projects with participants outside the school
- can lead a musical production with pupils in the school
- can critically reflect on and evaluate musical production processes regarding collaboration, inclusion, multidisciplinarity and target group adaption
- can communicate clearly and reflected with internal and external partners in the shaping and realization of musical productions

General competence
The candidate
- can contribute to development work that promotes professional and pedagogical innovation in the school
- can contribute to a closer collaboration between the school and the community through inclusive artistic initiatives

Learning methods and activities

Workshops, lectures, individual work and teamwork

Compulsory assignments

  • Arrange excursion
  • Musical production 1
  • Musical production 2
  • Texts

Further on evaluation

Compulsary assignments:
1. Initiate and arrange an excursion for fellow students to a musical production
2. Initiate, plan and realize a musical production in dialogue with external participants
3. Plan and realize a public musical production based on amongst other self-made content
4. Individual written texts based on compulsary assignment 1-3 in dialogue with relevant course literature

All excursions and productions are compulsary

Compulsory assignments will be assessed as approved/not approved

Coursework assignments must be approved to be eligible for examination

Specific conditions

Limited admission to classes.

Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester. Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Admission to a programme of study is required:
Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 1-7 (MGLU1-7)
Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 5-10 (MGLU5-10)

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Version: 1
Credits:  7.5 SP
Study level: Second degree level


Language of instruction: Norwegian

Location: Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • Teacher Education
Contact information
Course coordinator:

Department with academic responsibility
Department of Teacher Education



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