TDT4110 - Information Technology, Introduction


Examination arrangement

Examination arrangement: School exam
Grade: Letter grades

Evaluation Weighting Duration Grade deviation Examination aids
School exam 100/100 4 hours D

Course content

The course gives an introduction to basic procedure-oriented programming in Python. Concepts covered are: Variables and data types, representation of numbers and its significance in calculations (such as rounding errors). Input and output. Control structures: Sequence, selection and repetition. Structuring and division of programs; functions and modules. Data structures: Strings, lists, tuples, tables, sets and records (dictionaries). File management, persistent storage of information, and exception handling. Basic understanding and use of the modules NumPy and Matplotlib for calculation and visualization.

Learning outcome


  • K1: Can explain fundamental principles for digital representation of information.
  • K2: Can explain the central mechanisms for procedural programming in Python.
  • K3: Can explain fundamental algorithms for generic programming as well as for basic numerical calculations.


  • S1: Be able to use the basic elements in practical, procedure-oriented programming, also by completing code where fragments are missing.
  • S2: Be able to use relevant programming tools, like IDLE or other syntax-driven editors with semantic error-tagging and step-wise execution with inspection of variables.
  • S3: Be able to explain your own code to others and give constructive feedback to others' code.

General competence: An ability to reflect on the use of programming for calculations within their own dicipline.

Learning methods and activities

Lectures, exercise lectures, mandatory exercises.

Compulsory assignments

  • Exercises

Further on evaluation

In the event of a re-sit examination, the examination may be changed to an oral examination.

Specific conditions

Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Course materials

Announced at the start of semester.

Credit reductions

Course code Reduction From To
TDT4105 7.5
TDT4109 7.5 AUTUMN 2019
TDT4127 5.0 AUTUMN 2019
TDT4111 5.0 AUTUMN 2022

Version: 1
Credits:  7.5 SP
Study level: Foundation courses, level I


Term no.: 1
Teaching semester:  AUTUMN 2022

Language of instruction: Norwegian

Location: Ålesund , Gjøvik , Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • Technological subjects
Contact information
Course coordinator: Lecturer(s):

Department with academic responsibility
Department of Computer Science


Examination arrangement: School exam

Term Status code Evaluation Weighting Examination aids Date Time Examination system Room *
Autumn NY School exam (1) 100/100 D 2022-12-08 15:00 INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
SL310 lilla sone Sluppenvegen 14 79
SL310 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 44
SL311 grønn sone Sluppenvegen 14 67
SL228 Sluppenvegen 14 3
SL430 Sluppenvegen 14 11
SL319 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL238 Sluppenvegen 14 4
SL311 brun sone Sluppenvegen 14 74
Autumn ORD School exam (2) 100/100 D 2022-12-08 09:00 INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
SL310 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 48
SL310 lilla sone Sluppenvegen 14 80
SL310 hvit sone Sluppenvegen 14 46
SL311 grønn sone Sluppenvegen 14 68
SL311 brun sone Sluppenvegen 14 81
SL311 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 65
SL311 lyseblå sone Sluppenvegen 14 96
SL410 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 58
SL410 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 51
SL415 Sluppenvegen 14 53
SL520 Sluppenvegen 14 34
SL274 Sluppenvegen 14 17
C226 Ankeret/Hovedbygget 0
C215 Ankeret/Hovedbygget 0
C225 Ankeret/Hovedbygget 0
SL110 turkis sone Sluppenvegen 14 80
SL110 hvit sone Sluppenvegen 14 64
SL110 lilla sone Sluppenvegen 14 64
SL111 grønn sone Sluppenvegen 14 50
SL111 brun sone Sluppenvegen 14 82
SL111 orange sone Sluppenvegen 14 60
SL111 lyseblå sone Sluppenvegen 14 72
SL111 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 36
SL310 turkis sone Sluppenvegen 14 59
SL120 blå sone Sluppenvegen 14 43
SL228 Sluppenvegen 14 7
SL323 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL324 Sluppenvegen 14 1
Summer UTS2 School exam 100/100 D INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
  • * The location (room) for a written examination is published 3 days before examination date. If more than one room is listed, you will find your room at Studentweb.
  • 1) Tidspunkt er fordelt - sjekk ditt klokkeslett! Eksamen i Trondheim vil bli avviklet både kl. 09 og kl. 15
  • 2) Tidspunkt er fordelt - sjekk ditt klokkeslett! Eksamen i Trondheim vil bli avviklet både kl. 09 og kl. 15

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