TPK4180 - Manufacturing Strategy


Course content

In this course, manufacturing and logistics is viewed from a strategic perspective. The following topics will be covered: Globalisation and the implications for manufacturing. Strategic concepts, decisions areas, and development processes. Localisation of factories and processes. Engineering and establishment of manufacturing enterprises. Sourcing and automation strategies. Performance measurement, productivity improvement, and control in global value chains. Strategic network development, technology transfer, and use of best practices. The course includes several industrial cases, which will enhance the students’ analytical and communicative skills within these topics.

Learning outcome

The course provides knowledge about manufacturing strategy, and how such strategies can be developed for global enterprises.

The course will provide skills to establish, structure, and manage global manufacturing enterprises in such a way that the overall competitiveness is improved.

General competence (attitudes):
Understand the challenges facing manufacturing enterprises as they compete on the global playing field, and cooperate and contribute to multidisciplinary interaction.

Learning methods and activities

Lectures, exercises and project work. If the teaching is given in English the Examination papers will be given in English only. Students are free to choose Norwegian or English for written assessments. Admission to taking the exam requires 2/3 of the exercises to have been approved.

Compulsory assignments

  • Exercises

Further on evaluation

Mandatory work from previous semester can be accepted by the Department by re-take of an examination if there haven't been any significant changes later.

If there is a re-sit examination, the examination form may be changed from written to oral.

Specific conditions

Exam registration requires that class registration is approved in the same semester. Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Course materials

Beckman, Sara L., Rosenfield, Donald B. (2008) Operations Strategy: Competing in the 21st Century. McGraw Hill.


Detailed timetable


  • * The location (room) for a written examination is published 3 days before examination date.
If more than one room is listed, you will find your room at Studentweb.