International Master's Degree in Dance

Study environment

International Master of Dance Studies (NOMADS) is offered by the Department of Music in cooperation with departments of the Universities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tampere.

The program is hosted by NTNU, the Department of Music, in adition to a PhD-programme at the Faculty of Humanities.


NTNU has, through its cooperation with the Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance, access to large archives of audiovisual dance and music material, a large specialised library and runs many larger and smaller projects mainly within the field of dance. The archive can give students practical experience in fieldwork, the use of film and sound recording technologies, digitising, cataloguing and archiving methodologies and practice in teaching of dance.


The programme also hosts evenings for social dance, where dance is taught and practised. NTNU is a key institution within the international dance and students in this programme will benefit from being a part of a strong international research milieu.