Master's Thesis

M. Phil. in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition

Master's Thesis

A course introducing academic theory and method prepares you for your work with your Master’s thesis. The second year is devoted to writing the Master’s thesis (60 credits). This is an academic study of a particular topic within English language and linguistics. You will get supervision throughout the year.

In the summer period between the first and second years the candidates are given the opportunity to return to their home countries to do fieldwork if this is necessary for the completion of their theses.

Our supervisors

Information brochure for master´s level students 

Examples of master`s thesis topics:

  • Application of the Wh-criterion and the Neg-criterion to Luganda
  • A pragmatic study of English language as a tool for crosscultural communication in the Ghanaian workplace
  • Pidgin in Ghana: An exploration of Ghanaian secondary schools.
  • Motion verbs in Luganda: A Frame Semantics and Sign Model Perspective
  • Transfer in the Acquisition of Idioms in a Foreign Language
  • The Role of L1 in the Processing of Idioms by Ethiopian EFL learners
  • On Aspects of Postponement: A Study of Ghanaian Newspaper Editorial Columns

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