Support the brain research

Support the brain research

Support the brain research

Celebration Centre for Neural Comutation. Photo.
Celebrating the new Centre for Neural Computation in 2012. May-Britt Moser is the founding director, and Edvard Moser is the director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience. Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU Info

As a company, organization or private actor you can help ensure high quality brain research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Private support is valuable financial contribution to a research community and is also experienced as recognition and motivation.

TFSR is certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity. An ED certificate for TFSR is available from NGOsource.



Please contact Jan Morten Dyrstad, Chairman of the Board of Directors for dialogue or questions regarding supporting the brain research.

Donate by Vipps

Donate by Vipps

The Kavli Institute’s Vipps: 696680 (UNIFOR)

QR code to the Kavli Institutes Vipps

  • On your mobile, open the Vipps app (or point the camera at the QR code above and press open in Vipps. Follow the instructions on the screen).  
  • Press the Send button  
  • Search for Kavli-instituttet or 696680 (UNIFOR)
  • Write the amount you want to give and follow the instructions for sending the gift 

Kindly mark the payment with your contact details, and if your gift is connected to a special occasion as this will enable us to send a letter of gratitude. 

Donate by bank

Donate by bank

The foundation’s bank account: 4202 17 13168

You can pay the desired amount to our bank account. The foundation's bank account number for financial support for brain research at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience is: 4202 17 13168

IBAN: NO1442021713168
SWIFT/BIC for Sparebank 1 SMN: SPTRNO22

Kindly mark the payment "Gift for brain research at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience".

If your gift is connected to a special occasion, for instance a wedding, a birthday celebration, a funeral or other, please mark the payment accordingly, as this will enable us to send a letter of gratitude.



If you are considering making a bequest to the Kavli Institute's Research Fund, we recommend contacting us to ensure that it is in accordance with the testator's will and to ensure correct formalities when setting up the will.

Memorial gifts

Memorial gifts

Many people choose to give memorial gifts to the Kavli Institute's Research Fund. These gifts are greatly appreciated, and we want to thank as soon as possible after the funeral. Relatives also often want to know who has given memorial gifts. We therefore hope that relatives or the funeral agency contact us before the funeral.

Who has contributed to the research fund TFSR?

Who has contributed to the research fund TFSR?

About half of the research fund has come as gifts from the Kavli Foundation in the United States. In the autumn of 2015, TFSR received a great gift from Pauline Braathen and Egil Braathen's nieces and nephew. In 2020, the foundation received a large gift from Ensliges Landsforbund due to the association’s decision to be wound up.

In addition, the foundation has received larger and smaller amounts from individuals, companies and organizations. This also includes testamentary gifts and money from funerals. TFSR appreciates all contributions!


Edvard Moser and Pauline Braathen. Photo: Private
Edvard Moser and Pauline Braathen. Photo: Private

Contribution to new center
100 million in gift to the Mosers

The English woman Pauline Braathen donates NOK 50 million to a new center at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU. In addition, the Kavli Foundation provides NOK 50 million.

Read the news on

Watch the video where Pauline Braathen explains why she gives money to the center (3:03)


To the top against Alzheimer's 

May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser cheer for the project "Til Topps mot Alzheimer". The summer of 2021 we cheered Nils-Jarle Sætre through the 700 km long hike from Stad to the top of Galdhøpiggen. He went this trip in memory of his mother, Jorunn Ingerd Sætre who was affected by Alzheimer's disease. Along the way, he has met many people, struck up a conversation, and shared thoughts and stories about the disease.

Nils-Jarle also has a specific goal: He hopes to raise one million norwegian kroner for Alzheimer's research! Join us supporting the fight against Alzheimer's, and help Nils-Jarle reach his goal! Vipps to the Kavli Institute: 696680 - mark your contribution: "Til topps mot Alzheimer".  Follow Nils-Jarle on Facebook: "Til topps mot Alzheimer".

Went for mom and Alzheimer's research (, auto-translated with Google Translate) 

Stjørdal Arbeiderkvinnelag

Annual gift from Stjørdal Arbeiderkvinnelag

Stjørdal Arbeiderkvinnelag has gifted TFSR 10,000 NOK every year since 2015. Jorun Tyholt, Chairman of the Board of Stjørdal Arbeiderkvinnelag, says that they first became aware of the brain research at the Kavli Institute after the Nobel Prize in 2014. She says that the association mostly consists of elderly ladies who understand the importance of brain research and research on Alzheimer's and dementia. A few years ago, they were invited to the Kavli Institute, where they had a nice evening with a conducted tour and a lecture on brain research, something they really appreciated.



Ensliges Landforbund donated their fortune to Alzheimer’s research

Ensliges landsforbund, an organization supporting seniors living alone, has donated their entire fortune to research on Alzheimer's disease at the Kavli Institute.

- With an increasing elderly population, Alzheimer's is also a growing problem, says the Chairman of the Board of Ensliges Landsforbund, Marie Synnes.

The money that was donated are placed in the research fund of the Kavli Institute (TFSR) and will contribute to financial support for research in the years to come.

- Such permanent gifts make it possible to invest long-term, says May-Britt Moser. According to Marie Synnes and Ensliges Landsforbund, there no cause more deserving of support than Alzheimer's research.