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The Gunnerus Library has many exciting events that are open to all:

  • lectures
  • seminars
  • exhibitions
  • courses in genealogy and local history

We often work together with the academic community for these events. You are welcome to contact us if you have an idea for an exhibition, a seminar, or similar.

Practical information on how we can help you to communicate your research to a wider audience

Events are announced on our website, on Facebook, and in the local press.

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Online exhibitions

Below you will find online exhibition made by, or in cooperation with Gunnerus Library. 

More online exhibitions by The University Library.

Illustration of the town hall fireHenrik Mathiesen

Henrik Mathiesen (1847-1927) was a famous a respected local historian and illustrator in Trøndelag. He counts as Trøndelags first town historian and he wrote the first historical presentation about Trondheim in the Middle Ages. The online exhibition shows illustrations and documents from his rich archive. Henrik Mathiesen online exhibition

ostrich fern - illustration in Flora Norvegica

Flora Norvegica

In 2016, Norway's first flora book, Flora Norvegica, celebrates 250 years. The first part of the flora book was published by bishop Johan Ernst Gunnerus in 1766. The latter part was published posthumously in 1774. The plant descriptions include information on where and when they were found, their dialect names and the way the plants can be used. Flora Norvegica online exhibition

Portrait of a girl - illustrating the NTNU photo collection

A glimpse into the NTNU photo collection

NTNU University Library has collected images from over a hundred years, and the collection has now grown to about a million photographs and negatives. There are also other exciting historical material, and the image collection is a rich source of both human history, local history and the history of photography. NTNU photo collection online exhibition

Online exhibition of Lost forever

Lost forever

The old Assyrian ruin cities Ninive and Nimrud were damaged during the act of war in 2014 and 2015. The Englishman Austen Henry Layard excavated the two cities in the 1840’s. Layard’s books about the excavations became very popular. Gunnerus Library has the first edition of them. These two books became an important documentation of a cultural heritage which is now gone. Lost forever online exhibition

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The Gunnerus Library

Kalvskinnsgt. 1B
Phone: +47 735 92 205 / +47 91 89 74 62

Opening hours 

As of Wednesday 16 February 2022, the ground floor will open

Monday–Friday: 09:00–15:00

NB: The Library will be closed due to renovations Friday 1 April 13:00 until Monday 4 April
NB: The 2nd floor and the reading room are unfortunately closed due to rehabilitation and lack of ventilation

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