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printed music collection



We have a collection of printed music including full scores, study scores, vocal scores, choral scores, orchestral material, chamber music, music for various solo instruments and teaching material.


Our collection of books consists of books on music and other subjects taught at the Department of Music.

LPs and CDs

The LP collection is not updated, but it includes many gems, especially in jazz. We update the CD collection with new purchases in genres relevant to teaching. We subscribe to the streaming services Naxos Music Library and Music Online.


We have a DVD collection with the emphasis on opera, and we subscribe to the streaming service Naxos Video Library.


We still have some print journals in addition to the digital journals available through NTNU’s network.


We subscribe to four print newspapers. We also have access to digital newspapers from all over the world.

See also our lending regulations


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Music Library

Olavskvartalet, Kjøpmannsgt. 42, Floor 2
Phone: +47 73 59 73 47
E-mail: musikkbib@ub.ntnu.no

Postal address: S P Andersensvei 11, 7031 Trondheim

Opening hours

Monday–Sunday: 07:00–23:00 (for employees and students at the Department of Music with access card)

​​​​​​​Library staff present:
Monday–Thursday: 1​​​​0:00–18:00
​​​​​​​Friday: 1​​​​0:00–17:00

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