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The Natural Science Library has large collections of printed books, reference works and journals on subjects including biology, physics, chemistry and chemical technology. We can order from other libraries if there is something we don’t have. See also our lending regulations




We have print newspapers in the library. You also have access to digital newspapers from all over the world via our network.



15 Nov 2018

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Natural Science Library

Høgskoleringen 5, Gløshaugen
Phone: +47 73 59 51 27
E-mail: realbib@ub.ntnu.no


Opening hours

Monday–Sunday: 06:00–24:00 (with NTNU access card)

Library staff present:
Monday–Thursday: 10:00–18:00
Friday: 10:00–15:00

The virtual library - get help from the NTNU University Library.

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