Department of Product Design


The Department of Product Design has its own building on the Gløshaugen campus at NTNU. This modern facility houses a variety of studios, workshops and equipment for working with wood, metal, plastic, and media.

Project studio

  • for drawing and work with cardboard and textiles
  • photographer's studio with flashlamps, reflectors and blue wall
  • ideal for workshops and seminars

Classroom / Studios

Each class has its own studio, approximately 75 square meters in size, complete with drawing tables and lockable bookcases, as well as a common area furnished wtih tables and chairs. Network connections for private computers and laptops are available.


Students should feel free to use the lab for private projects in their spare time.

  • facilities for music- and video editing
  • DV camera and sound equipment for loan
  • MIDI-keyboard
  • 2 powerful PCs with double screens + iMac

Computer labs:

The department has dedicated computer labs in addition to the common NTNU PC labs.

  • up-to-date machines, totalling around 30 PCs
  • scanners, 3D-scanners, slide scanner, copymachine, color and black and white plotters, laminating machine for postermaking
  • a large collection of state-of-the-art 2D and 3D, and ergonomi software.


The workshop can be used to create models in wood, foam, metal or plastic.

  • wood and foam division: i.a. band saws, circular saws, lathe.
  • metal division: equipment for i.a. welding and turning
  • polymer division: equipment for i.a. plastavdeling med utstyr for bl.a. støping og vakumtrekking
  • spray-paint shop with suction
  • electronics division
  • 2 full-time employees


The darkroom is managed by the IPD student association, Leonardo.

  • film developing equipement
  • reproduction equipment
  • lightboard
  • lighmeters and flash equipment