Department of Product Design

Labs and Facilities

The Department of Product Design has its own building on the Gløshaugen campus at NTNU. This modern facility houses a variety of studios, workshops and equipment for working with wood, metal, plastic, and media.

Project studio

  • for drawing and work with cardboard and textiles
  • photographer's studio with flashlamps, reflectors and blue wall
  • ideal for workshops and seminars

Classroom / Studios

Each class has its own studio, approximately 75 square meters in size, complete with drawing tables and lockable bookcases, as well as a common area furnished with tables and chairs. Network connections for private computers and laptops are available.

Prototyping workshop:

The main workshop can be used to create models in wood, foam, metal or plastic.

  • wood and foam division: including band saws, circular saws, lathe.
  • metal division: including equipment for welding and turning
  • polymer division: including equipment for injection moulding and vacuum pulling
  • spray-paint shop with suction
  • electronics division
  • laser cutter
  • One large and several smaller 3D printers

Usability lab

  • Oculus Rift 3D VR glasses
  • Leap Motion controller
  • Silverback usability testing
  • 2 x Mirametrix eyetracking equipment
  • 25" touchscreen
  • large Wacon tablet
  • Human Cad 3D analysis software
  • 2x Gert Aging Simulators, wheelchair, etc.


Students should feel free to use the lab for private projects in their spare time.

  • facilities for music- and video editing
  • DV camera and sound equipment for loan
  • MIDI-keyboard
  • 2 powerful PCs with double screens + iMac

Computer labs:

The department has dedicated computer labs in addition to the common NTNU PC labs.

  • up-to-date machines, totalling around 30 PCs
  • scanners, 3D-scanners, slide scanner, copymachine, color and black and white plotters, laminating machine for postermaking
  • a large collection of state-of-the-art 2D and 3D, and ergonomi software.



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