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The department of Industrial Design offers different study programs in Industrial Design; a 5-year master (which is a civil engineering degree in Norway), a 2-year international master in industrial design, as well as doctoral studies in industrial design.

The programs in Industrial Design are adapted to recent developments in the design discipline. Students admitted after autumn 2012 choose a specialization in 3rd year in Product or Interaction Design.
Our main fields of research are design methodology, interaction design, design strategies / management and ecodesign.

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Design and technology

If Norwegian industry is to succeed in global markets, it will have to develop products, services and systems that are engaging, useful, sustainable, distinctive on the market. The Department of Product Design offers education in industrial design engineering that combines expertise, insight and methodologies from both design and engineering sciences. We train our students in knowledge, experience and development of their personality as designers. In our education, we extensively cooperate with industry, ensuring societally and industrially relevant design projects in most of our courses. Our education is supported by state of the art research in interaction design, design for sustainability, and system and service design. Our curriculum is the oldest of its kind in Scandinavia, but very up to date after a recent curriculum revision.



Seminar: The Humantarian Innovtion Lab

Humanitarian markets: challenges and opportunities for innovation

Date/Time: 2nd December 2015
Location: PRIO

In the third seminar of the Humanitarian Innovation Lab dialogue series, Norwegian and International stakeholders are invited to discuss ‘the humanitarian market’. It has been acknowledged that the humanitarian relief system needs a paradigm shift, in which private enterprises are invited to the table of collaborations. In our discussion, we will focus on the structures of the humanitarian market as per today and new approaches that are taken to foster innovation in private-humanitarian partnerships. This debate on humanitarian market structures includes whether or not it should remove itself from the status as a quasi-market. Should emergency relief contexts be regarded as direct market opportunities, or are there other and more responsible approaches that can foster humanitarian innovation?

The discussions will continue with an informal dinner for those who wish (TBD).
The seminar is in English. More information and the program can be found here.

Contact info: brita.nielsen@ntnu.no Tel: +954 24 055



Industrial Design’s student society is called Leonardo. It is named after the universal genius Leonardo daVinci who mastered art, aesthetics and technology, and thus is the ideal for a master in technology in industrial design. The society arranges social activities such as film nights, exercise and parties, and academic arrangements at night such as nude drawing and academic speeches.

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