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Welcome to the Department of Product Design

Innovation trifecta: technology, design, marketing
Converging technology, design, and marketing.

Design + technology

If Norwegian industry is to succeed in global markets, it will have to develop products, services and systems that are engaging, useful, sustainable, distinctive on the market. The Department of Product Design offers education in industrial design engineering that combines expertise, insight and methodologies from both design and engineering sciences. We train our students in knowledge, experience and development of their personality as designers. In our education, we extensively cooperate with industry, ensuring societally and industrially relevant design projects in most of our courses. Our education is supported by state of the art research in interaction design, design for sustainability, and system and service design. Our study program is very popular which provides us with only the best of Norway's students. Our curriculum is the oldest of its kind in Scandinavia, but very up to date after a recent curriculum revision.