About the Department of Design

Department of Design

About the Department of Design

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Photo: Maureen Selina Laverty/NTNU

The department has activities on Gløshaugen campus in Trondheim and at Mustad, Gjøvik campus. Our research activities take place within the four strategic areas of Sustainability, Technology, Interplay and Form. We offer studies at bachelor's, master's and PhD level in addition to continuing education.

In Trondheim we focus on industrial design and in Gjøvik we focus on graphic design and web technology. On both campuses we have expertise in interaction design. We also share research interests, including within health and welfare technology.

The department is part of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

The Department of Design has extensive collaboration with Norwegian companies in the form of student theses, master's theses, research projects, workshops, courses and other assignments. Our students collaborate with experts in many subject areas.

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How to get here

How to get here


The department's teaching and research facilities are located in the building "Produktdesign", east of (behind) the easily recognizable Main Building. The department's administrative offices are located on the 3rd floor (office 338).

Upon entering the Produktdesign building, the stairs and elevators are immediately visible.

Map of the building | Map of campus Gløshaugen


There are a few short-term parking spaces on Alfred Getz' vei. Note: A parking fee applies on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. More information about parking regulations at NTNU.

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The Department of Design in Gjøvik is located in Mustad Næringspark, across the river from the main campus. To find us, go to entrance A and up to the second or third floor, to the left.

The department’s administrative offices are located on the third floor.

Map of the building - Mustad, building 118 | Map of campus Gjøvik


It is recommended to walk, cycle or use public transport twhen visiting campus Gjøvik. Some parking spaces are available at Teknologivegen, where parking is free.

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Trondheim campus

Produktdesignbygget, Kolbjørn Hejes vei 2B, 7491 Trondheim
    +47 73 59 21 85

Gjøvik campus

Mustad, bygg 118, Raufossvegen 40,
Entrance A, 2821 Gjøvik
    +47 73 41 20 41 or mobile +47 404 82 007

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