About the Department of Design

About the Department of Design



The Department of Product Design (IPD) is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Institute teaches course subjects who applied aesthetics, user interface design, mechatronics for designers, packaging design, sustainable design, strategic design and a variety of practical of design where different theoretical knowledge and practical skills used.


With us, there are about 30 students in each litter, and the study is highly sought after. Students work under close supervision, and getting some of the nation's brightest students classmates. Along with laborious but motivating tasks, this gives an engaged learning environment and a cohesive social environment. In study barometer 2014 we received very good grades. Read more about the Institute well adapted facilities.


The Institute has extensive cooperation with Norwegian industrial companies in the form of student papers, dissertations, research projects, workshops, training and industrial projects. The product designers educated at NTNU collaborates with experts in many disciplines (technology, as well as non-technological). Read more about partners and exchanges.


Right from the start the program at IPD been very popular. Education of industrial designers in Norway has a long history that begins in 1955 with the group of industrial designers were formed. Read more about the Institute establishment.

Here are the most important Norwegian and some foreign organizations working to promote the design and working conditions for designers.

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Student assignments

Please contact us if you think you have a task that may be suitable as a student project. Initially can be anything from a recognized market needs into a concrete product idea, from simple prototypes that need to redesign existing product lines that need a unifying design strategy. Project nature determines the year of the subjects and work (one-man or group) as appropriate. Contact: Johannes Sigurjonsson

Advice to youth

Once a month we reserve the time to talk about industrial design with teenagers who show interest in design. The conversation can be about their ideas for a product or service, for example in the context of a 'Ungdomsbedrift'. In 2014-2015, for example, we gave advice and discussed the design process with Smart Wall Ungdomsbedrift from Melhus Upper Secondary School.

We can give advise on design idea, design process, design tools and methods that help you to focus on the user. Conversations can also be about questions you have concerning design thinking or education in Industrial Design at NTNU. Contact: Elli Verhulst