Karl Klingsheim

Managing Director - NTNU Technology Transfer AS. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
+47 73551181 +47 90051111
Sem Sælands vei 14, Kjemi I * 326

Background and activities

Adjunct Professor Karl Klingsheim (1956) is Managing Director at NTNU Technology Transfer AS.

Dr. Klingsheim has served in private companies, public institutions, and governmental organizations, focusing on applied research and innovation. He is a seasoned educator with tenure as professor in Norway and in Poland. He has served as executive officer and board member for multinational companies as well as for university spin-offs. He has been instrumental in the concept development, formation, fundraising, business development, staffing, marketing, sales, operations, and benefit extraction for a large number of initiatives, programs, and start-up companies in Norway and in USA.

Work Experience

  • 2003- Managing Director, NTNU Technology Transfer AS (TTO) since its inception. TTO is the commercialization arm of NTNU (www.ntnu.no), three regional colleges (www.hist.no, www..hig.no and www.hials.no), and the Central Norway Regional Health Authority (www.helse-midt.no) with the mission to create impact and benefits to society from research results. Towards that end, TTO is a for-profit business that brings new products and services to international markets. TTO currently employs 25 technology transfer professionals and serves as a point of contact for industry partners looking for creative ideas and new technologies emerging from research at NTNU, regional colleges and university hospitals.
  • 2014- Board Member and Vice President of ASTP-Proton. Currently President-Elect for 2016-2017.
  • 2013- Chairman of Board, NTNU Accel AS, the premier community in Trondheim for accelerating ventures with global potential by connecting entrepreneurs, investors and mentors in a supportive environment. Partners and service providers offer benefits and special service to members of NTNU Accel, thereby facilitating knowledge exchange, contact sharing, and accelerated growth.
  • 2013- Adjunct Professor, NTNU Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, facilitating and coordinating learning activities related to digital innovation.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Aas, Einar Johan; Klingsheim, Karl; Svarstad, Kjetil. (1990) Er VHDL bra nok?. Elektronikk : tidsskrift for IT og telekom. vol. 23 (3).
  • Aas, Einar Johan; Klingsheim, Karl; Svarstad, Kjetil. (1990) Hvorfor (V)HDL idet hele tatt?. Elektronikk : tidsskrift for IT og telekom. vol. 23 (4).
  • Aas, Einar Johan; Klingsheim, Karl; Svarstad, Kjetil. (1990) VHDL - noe for Ola Nordmann?. Elektronikk : tidsskrift for IT og telekom. vol. 23 (2).