Per Bruheim

Professor Department of Biotechnology

+47 73593321
Sem Sælands vei 4, Kjemi V * 145

Background and activities

Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics (, Microbial Physiology, Carbon and Energy Metabolism of Cancer

Scientific leader of NT-faculty Mass Spectrometry lab (

Current  projects (ongoing and staring in 2016):

NFR/ Era-IB: “TERPENOSOME - Engineered compartments for monoterpenoid production using synthetic biology” (Jul14 - Jun17)

NFR/ Era-SysApp: “WINESYS – GMO free systems optimization of wine yeast for wine production by massive scale directed evolution” (Jul15 – Jun18)

NFR Digital Life/ Biotek2021: “DigiSal – Towards the Digital Salmon: From a reactive to e pre-emptive research strategy in aquaculture” (Jan16 - Dec19)

NFR Digital Life/ Biotek 2021: “INBioPharm - Integrated Novel Natural Product Discovery and Production Platform for Accelerated Biopharmaceutical Innovation from Microbial Biodiversity” (Jan16 - Dec19)

NTNU Enabling Biotechnology: “Development and Application of Fluxomics tools for the study of cellular phenotypes” (Aug15-Jul19)

NFR/ Era-IB: “Zfuels – A novel bacterial system with integrated micro-bubble distillation for the production of acetaldehyde “ (Mar16-Feb19)

NTNU MedTek: “Novel cancer targets and drugs from high-throughput molecular and systems biology” (2011 – ongoing collaboration with professor Marit Otterlei, IKM, DMF; NTNU)

IBT NTNU: “Genetic and molecular investigation of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeasts” (2013 – ongoing MSc projects)

ad hoc Metabolomics/ Fluxomics/ Lipidomics projects (NT-faculty, NTNU, National, International)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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