the Young-HUNT Study

The Young-HUNT Study is the adolescent part of the HUNT Study including participants aged 13-19 years. The Young-HUNT1 Survey 1995-97) was conducted as part of  the HUNT2 Survey.  9141 adolescents participated (90% response rate). The Young-HUNT2 Survey (2000-01) was a follow-up study of Young-HUNT1, 2400 students participated in both studies (77% of the invited). The Young-HUNT3 Survey (2006-08) was a new cross-sectional study as part of the HUNT3 Survey. This time 8677 adolescents participated (87% response rate). Data collection included self-reported questionnaires, structured interviews, clinical measurements and, in Young-HUNT3, buccal smears.

Download overview over publications using Young-HUNT data [pdf].