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Language and Perception, lab workLanguage and perception are two basic cognitive systems which constantly interact and rely on each other in our daily existence.

LanPercept studies how people at different ages and with different deficits map language to what they perceive. The network of senior specialists and young professionals work together to develop new tools and software to help educational and health practitioners in their work.

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LanPercept First Training Course

March 19, 2014: LanPercept First Training Course:
From Basic Research to Application. Technology Applied to Rehabilitation

FIVAN, Valencia, 26-27 June, 2014

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ESLP Conference 2014 - Embodied and Situated Language Processing

February 13, 2014: Lanpercept is proud sponsor of the 2014 ESLP conference which takes place in Rotterdam August 19-21. Call for submissions is now live, deadline May 1.

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Download conference poster (pdf).

Lanpercept is developing the researchers of the future

January 23, 2014: Read article from PanEuropean Networks "Understanding the Interaction." LanPercept is developing the researchers of the future on language and perception.

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From first Training School, Aston University, UK

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March 2013: The Perception of Language, LanPercept Newsletter

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Professor Mila Vulchanova

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