NMR Laboratory at the NT-Faculty

– NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)

Dean Anne Borg and Finn Aachmann in front of the newly installed Ascend 800 MHz instrument during the opening of the new NMR lab in December, 2015.


Welcome to the newly renovated  NMR Laboratory at the NT-faculty!

The lab house four magnet systems:

-Bruker 800 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a 5-mm cryogenic CP-TCI z-gradient probe and SampleJet

-Bruker 600 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a 5-mm cryogenic CP-TCI z-gradient probe and SampleCase

-Bruker 400 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a5-mm SmartProbe z-gradient probe and SampleCase

-Bruker /Oxford DPX 400 MHz equipped with a 5 mm z-gradient DUL (13C/1H) and BACS



Visiting adress
Chemistry building III
Sem Sælandsvei 6/8
7034 Trondheim

Postal address
NMR laboratory
Institutt for bioteknologi
7491 Trondheim

Senior Engineer
Torun M. Melø
E-mail: torun.m.melo@ntnu.no

telephone +47 73596234

System messages


Locking of methanol in automation (Iconnmr) on the 600MHz cryoprobe does not work. It should be working on the old 400.


Here is a short status update of the instruments in the NMR-lab
Old 400: Autosampler has been repaired and the instrument seems to be working in automation again:-)
For new master students who do not have a user accout do not hesitate to contact me.
New 400: The probe needs reparing, and is awaiting custom papers for transportation to Switzerland. I have no exact time for when it will be back, but I am guessing up to a month.
600: Can be run in automation with Iconnmr. Please contact me if you do not have a user account.
800: Can be run manually. Please contact Finn Aachmann