Strategic Thematic Area 2014–2023

NTNU Ocean Science and Technology

— "Knowledge for a sustainable ocean space"

Illustration Ocean science and technology.

The strategic area is an access point to NTNUs expertise in the field of  ocean science and technology.  The centre will coordinate and initiate new multidisciplinary activities within research, education and innovation.  Moreover,  contribute to increase the knowledge base in the maritime, oil and gas and aquaculture industry.

A major activity is to identify and develop future knowledge needs in shipping, deep ocean and artic exploration, seafood production, marine resources and energy, marine environment and society through  basic research and joint projects with the industry.

Research efforts in natural science, marine engineering, humanities and social sciences are combined to create new multidisciplinary solutions supporting  a sustainable production of marine resources, energy and minerals.

NTNU Ocean Science and Technology has chosen 6 areas of attention:


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Interest of the Norwegian minister of Fisheries in Frøya-NTNU collaboration

During the visit of the Norwegian minister of Fisheries, Elisabeth Aspaker, to the secondary school of Frøya, the NTNU Bridgehead Frøya initiative was presented. Alexandra Neyts, manager of NTNU Oceans, explained its objectives and results. The minister was convinced that the tight collaboration between NTNU and the secondary school can contribute to innovation in the aquaculture sector.