Strategic Thematic Area 2014–2023

NTNU Ocean Science and Technology

— "Knowledge for a sustainable ocean space"

Illustration Ocean science and technology.The oceans are appointed special attention at NTNU through research, education and innovation activities. By combining natural science, marine engineering, humanities and social science, NTNU encourages the creation of technological solutions for a future sustainable development of marine-based activities.

Within the area of Ocean Science and Technology, NTNU has chosen 6 areas of attention:

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NTNU Oceans at Transatlantic Science Week '14

TSW promotes enhanced cooperation between Canadian, American and Norwegian stakeholders in research, innovation and higher education. The theme for TSW '14 was "Business in the Arctic: Networking and Showcase Opportunities".
Prof. Torbjørn Ekman represented NTNU Oceans at the event. Prof. Harald Ellingsen (Head of Marine Technology Dept.), Prof. Ingvald Strømmen (Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and Atle Minsaas (Project Leader Ocean Space Centre) also participated.