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Intensive Norwegian Summer Courses

The Norwegian summer course is fun and challenging, and a good way to make new friends and learn about your host country. Every summer, we welcome about 150 students from all over the world. Please note that we cannot guarantee a place in the language course due to the large number of applicants. You will be notified about the results approximately one week after the registration deadline.

We offer two different course periods (exact dates will be published in April/May):

  • Course A:  End of July - to the middle of August
  • Course B:  End of July - to the middle of August

Both courses are organized by NTNU's Office of International Relations and are open for students who will stay for an exchange periode at NTNU. Erasmus students can apply at their home institution for additional support (prolongation of the Erasmus periode abroad).

Please send a copy of the electronic application form as PDF-file to

The programme

The language course consists of 70 hours of classes. You will also work in self-study groups on different language tasks. Because of the intensive nature of the course, it is extremely important that you take part from the very beginning. It will also not possible to work part-time during the course!

Difference between course A and B
Both courses have the same amount of teaching hours (70) and the lectures will start at the same day. But course A gives you more time to socialise with your future fellow students, to start the first weekend with an exciting hiking trip and other social activities. It might also be easier to get cheaper tickets when you can avoid weekend arrivals.

Our enthusiastic language team encourages you to participate in cultural and social events in Trondheim and our main focus is on outdoor activities.

Course level/difficulty
We offer 7 different groups. Each group has a maximum of about 20 students. The general courses are at the beginner level.  Two courses are reserved for students with some previous knowledge of Norwegian.

Social programme
The Office of International Relations offers a social programme, which includes "get-to-know" Trondheim activities, various dinners/barbecues, weekend and day trips in the surroundings of Trondheim and, of course, a lot of fun. Teambuilding in the context of your host country is our main goal. Some of the activities can be challenging physically and will definitely need appropriate clothing and equipment. The social programme is an integral part of the language course.

Course fees

Exchange students
Course A: 3950 NOK
Course B: 3900 NOK

The course fee does not cover text books (NOK 450).


The Office of International Relations will arrange accommodation for students unless you are at PhD level. Students at PhD level are not allowed to live at the student village and must arrange private accommodation on their own.  In most cases you will keep your room during your entire stay at NTNU. A room at the student village will cost about 3400 NOK for one month.


More information will be available in April/May 2016

  • Application Deadline
  • Results of the selection round deadline
  • Confirmation of participation deadline
  • Online application form 

Want to prepare for the language course?

Try NOW! Introductory lessons developed by NTNU staff for students heading to Trondheim.


Questions concerning the summer course can be sent to Kristine Halvorsen.
Wed, 11 Nov 2015 15:29:53 +0100

Quick course overview

Duration: 3-4 weeks
Application deadline: 30 May
Contact: Kristine Halvorsen for any questions
Fee: Yes, but varies for different categories of participants

The application form will be made available closer to the application deadline