Model workshop

Lukas workshop


NB! We encourage all our students to follow Innsida for the latest update on the Corona-situation at NTNU!

Model workshop

Studenter diskuteter treprosjekt med lærer
Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

What are we doing here?

About the workshop

• The workshop contains equipment suited particulary for model-making and larger scale constructions. Digital fabrication includes laser cutters, digital routers and robotic milling . The facility is equipped primarily for woodworking although there is some provision for light metal-working.

• The shop staff of professional cabinet-makers provide a safe and secure environment for students to explore the way things are made and put together. Orientation to shop use is given to all new incoming students.

• We are located at Høgskoleringen 3, right next to the Design-worshop.

• Hours of operation are generally:
(from 1 May to 31 August closing hour is at 15:00)

  • Monday and Thursday 09:00-15:45
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 08:00-15:45


Følg arkitekturstudentenes modelverksted Lukas på:


News & announcements

News & announcements


The workshop will be closed for all activities Tuesday 25 October from 08:30-12:00.


The workshop is closed for all activities on Wednesday, 31 August and Thursday, 1 September.


The model workshop will be closed from 2 July until 5 August.


The workshop will be closed for Easter from Wednesday, 13th @ 12.00.
We open again on Tuesday, 19th.


The workshop will be closed after the 21st of December for all students. We wish all students a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



The booking system is up and running again!

  1. Logg inn med FEIDE på
  2. Velg core: AD – Modellverkstedet Lukas (må være I riktig fakultet)
  3. Velg Instruments, en av laserkutterene og trykk på calendar
  4.  Her kan du booke alle hverdager mellom 08.30 og 15.15


  1. Logg in with FEIDE on
  2. Choose core: AD – Modellverkstedet Lukas (make sure to choose the correct faculty)
  3. Choose instrument, one of the lasercutters and klick on calendar
  4. Her you can book on every weekday from 08.30 to 15.15.


Lasercutter problems

  • Make sure to use the new script which you can find on the Dropbox for using the lasercutters as the old script is not working anymore.
  • Use the v3 script from the Dropbox and use the file where it is located, without (re)moving it from the folder. The file is depending on several files which are located in the same folder.
  • The booking system is still down. The workshop is on the case. Drop in for using the  lasercutters.


  • The workshop is closed on May 13, 14 and 17.

23.03.2021 - NB! AFTER EASTER INFO! 

  • After discussion in the faculty's emergency meeting on 19th of March, the dean has decided on the following guidelines for teaching the first week after Easter:

    Use of the AD faculty's workshops in Trondheim in the week after Easter: The workshop is closed, but we practice exceptions to the rule in the week after Easter for students who have submissions in the same or the following week, and who have not been travelling during Easter.


  • Due to workshop introduction courses, the workshop will be closed Wednesday 17th of March from 09.00- 13.00


  • All students are adviced to follow the current Corona rules imposed by NTNU. At the moment the model workshop is open for diploma students only.


  • The workshop is reserved for Ark 2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday week 7+8.

  • The workshop and the lasercutters are running normaly. The bookingsystem for the lasers is still down.
    Students who wish to use the lasers just have to show up. The amount of students in the workshop area is limited at all times.


  • The workshop will be closed for all students after Friday, 18th, and will open again on Monday, 4th. We wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



  • Booking the lasercutters and digital tools provided by the workshop will soon be possible through NTNU`s Bookitlab!
    Further information coming up when the system is up and running again.


  • The booking side for the lasercutters is temporarily down and NTNU ORAKEL is on the case.


  • All visitors must register before entering the workshop in order to enable infection tracking. Information and registration form can be found at the workshop entrances.
  • All students using the workshop are required to bring their own (safety) equipment such as face masks, safety glasses, pencil, measure tape or measure stick, etc.


The workshop is open. 
Freshmen and graduate students are given priority.
The number of people in the workshop will be limited at all times.

We encourage all our students to follow Innsida for the latest update on the Corona-situation at NTNU.


Safety photo

Safety videos

Student ved båndsaga
Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

Laser intro photo

Laser introduction videos

Laser cutter
Photo: Geir Mogen/NTNU

Booking lasercutter & CNC