Giovanni De Grandis

Giovanni De Grandis

I am a researcher at NTNU in Trondheim, where my main job is to act as coordinator for the AFINO project. A philosopher by training, in the last decade I have worked in very applied and interdisciplinary projects dealing with innovation and new technologies. 

Working with users, scientists, industry and policy makers has really transformed the way I look at the important ethical and political issues surrounding new technologies, innovation and policy making. I believe that talking and engaging with people and using our imagination to understand their different perspectives ―their cognitive and value frames― is fundamental to see where the tensions and conflicts, the misunderstandings and misalignments, the asymmetries of power between different stakeholders are. The challenge is then to envision ways of making different stakeholders converge, to conceive of fair distributions of advantages and burdens. To me, the exciting challenge is the work of imagining goals that different people can share and commit to, and to help build collaborations for realising these shared goals.  

Working in AFINO gives me the opportunity of working for an innovation system that is not fuelled only by the profit motive and a blind faith in technology, but that attempts to put innovation at the service of a more sustainable and just society.  

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Unformal picture of Giovanni De Grandis