Releasing the power of users:

Releasing the power of users:

Articulating user interests to accelerate new innovative pathways in digital health and welfare sector

The primary objective of the project is to develop a broad knowledge baser about how the different stakeholders on the e-health arena can engage in more user – centric models.

Picture of book coverFirstly, the project aims to understand the range of different modes of user participation in innovation process to anticipate their needs and expectations.

Further, it focuses on how users can become a source of responsible innovations by employing an enabling approach – a physical context, a toolkit and a framework methodology – through which users can be actively involved in the innovation process.

Thirdly, we consider the innovation eco-system by creating a boundary space (the Shared Innovation Futures Lab) in Stavanger where different stakeholders (system integrators, municipalities, healthcare professionals, small and start-up entrepreneurs and end users, in this sector can co-create innovations together in “safe spaces” within which experimentation, prototyping and learning from “intelligent failure” can take place.