Research & Development

Research & Development

Human Physiome

NTNU Human Physiome
The concerted global efforts towards making integrated mathematical descriptions of human physiology. Read more.

Genome Editing

NTNU Genome Editing
We are in the process of taking advantage of the current revolution in making targeted genome sequence changes. Read more.

Biopolymer Engineering

NTNU Biopolymer Engineering
We have a proven track record in tailoring biopolymers into new biomaterials for numerous application areas within medicine and industry. Read more.


NTNU Bioreactor Design and Operation
We aim to contribute to more efficient engineering of devices that support biologically active environments. Read more.

Phenomics Technology

NTNU Phenomics Technology
We have a long and successful tradition for blending engineering and biology for developing new measurement technology. Read more.


NTNU Therapeutic Targeting
In most fields of medicine where therapeutic interventions involve application of drugs there is still tremendous potential for improvement. Read more.


NTNU Aquaculture Biotechnology
Maintaining a profitable and expansive aquaculture industry leaving minimal human footprints is a pressing issue. Read more.


NTNU Morphogenetic Engineering
Novel engineering concepts exploiting nature's capacity for self-organization has numerous applications. Read more.

Tissue Engineering

NTNU Tissue Engineering
By merging advanced engineering of materials with molecular and cellular biology we aim to make significant contributions to this technology. Read more.

Microbial systems

NTNU Analysis, Design and Control of Microbial Systems
Improved methodology for engineering microbes to perform specific tasks is key to industrial biotechnology. Read more.

Synthetic Biology

NTNU Synthetic Biology Engineering
Methodology for engineering new complex function in cells is a prerequisite for novel industrial biotechnology. Read more.


NTNU Responsible Research and Innovation
Developing methodology and mechanisms for anticipating and assessing the societal implications of our R&D activities. Read more.