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All R&D activities sorting under the NTNU Biotechnology umbrella stay firmly within the confines of the OECD definition of biotechnology:

"the application of science and technology to living organisms as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services" 

Our R&D streams - emerging from the confluence of life sciences, mathematical sciences and engineering - define the core of the NTNU Biotechnology Programme.

NTNU Biotechnology - the Confluence of Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering

Enabling technology programme 2013-2020

NTNU Biotechnology - the Confluence of Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering

This is the main portal keeping you informed about biotechnology R&D at NTNU, the people involved, and available opportunities to contribute to this vibrant field as a student, PhD, postdoctoral, sabbatical or tenured fellow.

NTNU Biotechnology is one of the three enabling technology programmes at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Together they define the strategic core of NTNU’s long-term R&D commitment within natural science and technology.

The design of NTNU Biotechnology programme reflects the conviction that extensive transdisciplinary interaction between the life sciences, mathematical sciences and engineering is the key to transformative 21st century biotechnology. It is developed in close conjunction with SINTEF, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, and St. Olavs hospital (Trondheim University Hospital), which is tightly integrated with our Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences .

NTNU is the leading institution of the Centre for Digital Life Norway funded by the Research Council of Norway under its BIOTEK2021 programme. The centre's main mission is to become the major vehicle for reorienting and concerting Norwegian R&D on biotechnology in the years to come.





Stig W. Omholt

Stig W. Omholt
Director/Research professor
Phone: +47 90 94 09 85
Email: stig.omholt@ntnu.no


Laila Berg - Coordinator NTNU Biotechnology

Laila Berg
Coordinator, PhD
Phone: +47 73 41 21 09
Email: laila.berg@ntnu.no