Museum to be modernized

Museum to be modernized

The NTNU University Museum will be extended with new facilities for outreach, exhibitions and storage. The modernization will involve rebuilding existing areas and may include new buildings.

On 19 January 2018, the government decided on a concept for a unified NTNU campus, with a preliminary cost estimate of about NOK nine billion. In addition to the previous government decision that NTNU will be gathered around Gløshaugen, and that the new future campus will mainly be developed west of the existing buildings, the concept and area framework for the NTNU campus were specified: the State will fund new buildings totalling 92 000 square metres gross and modernization of existing areas at NTNU totalling 45 000 square metres gross. The concept also includes the storage facilities of the NTNU University Museum (from government decision 19.1.2018):

The concept also entails modernization of the storage facilities for the NTNU University Museum... The campus alternative has been scaled down to some extent compared with what the academic communities recommend. Among other things, increased areas for future student growth have been reduced and exhibition areas for the NTNU University Museum have been removed.

NTNU will do its utmost to fund the exhibition areas from its ordinary budget.

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