e-Health and Welfare Security (e-HWS)

Biometrics. Photo illustration

e-Health and Welfare Security (e-HWS) group is a group of research interest in the privacy and cyber security challenges in the eHealth and welfare fields. The group aims at facilitating mutual understanding across health and cyber security sectors, creating knowledge to identify key research challenges needing a joint force from both sectors, and proposing innovative technical and socio-technical solutions to the identified challenges. Through the basic grant from The Ministry of Health and Care Services (Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet) to NTNU CCIS, the group works strategically towards research initiatives to tackle challenges in cyber security and privacy protection in eHealth domain. Currently our research priorities include secure data management, attributed-based access control, privacy enhancing technologies, crypto-biometrics for healthcare uses, medical devices security, blockchain technology for healthcare use, etc.


Bian Yang
Group coordinator
Bian Yang

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