Organic Analysis


The core competences of our group include:

  • structure elucidation of synthetic compounds and natural products by using standard and advanced 1D and 2D NMR experiments;
  • separation, isolation and characterization of natural products by using various chromatographic and other separation techniques.

600 MHz NMR instrument with cryoprobe

Various chromatographic methods used for separation and isolation

In the last three years the focus of our research has been identification of anti-inflammatory compounds from the plant species with intriguing ethno pharmacological history. In collaboration with the biology team lead by Prof. Berit Johansen (Department of Biology, NTNU), in a bioactivity guided study, several bioactive compounds have been identified, one of them being new. The results have been submitted for patenting.
Current activities are focused on continuation of search for anti-inflammatory, with the aim of discovery of additional compounds as drug candidates for developing a new generation of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Another project aimed at isolation and identification of saponins from plant Herniaria incana, has recently started. Saponins are very well known group of secondary metabolites with various bioactivities. The aim of the project is to identify as many saponins as possible and to test eventual new compounds for bioactive properties.

Herniaria incanna

Recently isolated and identified saponin from H. incana

After securing the funding, a new project will start in July 2013. In this multidisciplinary project our group will collect information about methods for isolation of condensed tannins from tree bark and evaluate them on selected Norwegian tree species. This is a pre-project and will last for one year. The aim is to collect information about possibility for use of tannins from local tree species as stock food additive. If successful, it will trigger additional funding for a larger project aimed at developing a commercial product.

General formula of condensed tannins


 Nebojša Simić - Leader Organic Analysis Group. Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

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