About the Centre

About the Centre


COImpact is a Gemini Centre, and a collaboration between NTNU, SINTEF and USN. The Centre started up in February 2020.

Picture from kick-off meeting.

Vision and Focus

The vision for the COImpact Gemini Centre is to be an internationally leading center for absorption processes with the goal of contributing to achieving the international climate targets. 

The Centre focuses on CO2 capture and other uses of generic absorption technology to find optimal solutions for full-scale CO2 capture applications and other industrial applications.​



Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main reasons for climate change. The Paris Agreement aims to limit the increase in global temperature to below 2°C. To achieve this goal, drastic changes must be made to energy- and industrial systems, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) is recognized as the only method that effectively can be used by the EU to reach the target of a 40% reduction in emissions from the process industry by 2030 compared with emissions in 1990.

For decades NTNU, SINTEF and USN have built up unique international expertise and competence within absorption technology, and considerable efforts have been done to reduce the cost of CO2 capture and to remove the uncertainty associated with permanent storage of CO2.

To ensure continued development of the technology and the competence, the COImpact Gemini Centre was started up in February 2020.

Focus Areas and Goals

Focus areas

Through research and education, the center will contribute to innovation and development of sustainable solutions which will take care of the environment and ensures good use of resources, in line with UN's goals for sustainability and the green shift. The Centre focuses whitin the following areas: 

  • International collaboration
  • Fundamental research
  • Participation in strategic research programs
  • Contract research
  • Infrastructure
  • Visibility 
  • Recruitement



The Centre have several goals within the following areas:


  • Increased student enrollment to ensure continuation of competence​
  • Larger demand from national and international players:; 
    • increased project portfolio​
    • increased recruitment​
    • attractive speakers at conferences/seminars​
  • Improved attention at conferences​
  • Joint profiling​

Research projects​

  • Ensures a broader portfolio of research projects​
  • Access to a larger network​

Infrastructure (labs / modelling tools)​

  • Access to a broader and world-class infrastructure​
  • Joint strategy for procurement of new infrastructure​




Hanna Knuutila. PhotoHanna Knuutila
Professor, NTNU
E-mail: hanna.knuutila@ntnu.no


Eirik Falck da Silva. PhotoEirik Falck da Silva
Research Manager,
SINTEF Industry
E-mail: Eirik.Silva@sintef.no

Lars Erik Øi. PhotoLars Erik Øi
Professor, USN 
E-mail: Lars.Oi@usn.no


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