Crossover Research 2.0. Well constructed Knowledge Commons

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The Crossover Research project is funded by the SAMANSVAR program in collaboration with ICT-plus program at The Research Council of Norway.

The objective of the project is the development of a broadly enabling ICT-founded “Knowledge Commons” for the Life Sciences and the Health and Biotechnology sector. The Knowledge Commons is essential for storing and sharing comprehensive life science knowledge. This Knowledge Commons is expected to be broadly enabling, among others to rationalise and enable interpretation of the wealth of biomedical findings and health data. If well-conceived, such enabling Knowledge Commons structures will be transformative in many ways as they rebuild the structures of innovation for the whole of the Life Sciences. Responsible Research and Innovation initiatives aim at ensuring a transparent and socially accountable process of building such innovative and transformative structures.

The Crossover Research II project explores how RRI initiatives can help shape well-constructed Knowledge Commons structures in the research context of engineering them. We pursue integrative approaches as an RRI strategy. Integrated projects put emphasis on productive academic collaboration between the humanities and the sciences. The project socially contextualises this effort by collaboratively designing a “prototypical system” for Knowledge Commons building and its subsequent use and exploitation. The assumption is that this prototype enables us to map and take into account overlapping scientific and societal concerns that help shape viable and socially accountable Knowledge Commons structures.

The project management has recruited three postdoc-level scientists.

For further reading please download a description of the Crossver Research project here


The Crossover 2 project are part of the DrugLogics umbrella project (, a description of the objectives can be downloaded here.

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Crossover Research: Well-constructed Systems Biology

Crossover Research has been funded by the Norwegian Research Council to develop arenas for learning processes between Ethical Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) research and researchers in technology and natural sciences, in this case biology, medicine and computer science.

By engaging in the development of the increasingly important field of systems biology applied to cancer research, the project responds to our need to understand and organise emerging biotechnologies. A focus of this project is to make more manifest what types of skills are necessary in order to carry out interdisciplinary, interactive projects. By integrating researchers and by combining perspectives from the social sciences, natural sciences and technology the project aims at examining and improving the viability of systems biology research.

The participants of the integrated project are motivated by the goal to search for epistemic and acceptable ethical-political conditions for realization of a systems biology in the context of meeting urgent societal needs. This constructive goal enables real-time reflection on the interactions between the partners in the integrated project and on its consequences, mapping how mutual learning processes are stimulated or how they fail.

By combining resources from people who for many years have worked in integrated projects where STS and applied ethics approaches is merged with biotechnology and systems biology, the project provides a uniting framework critically pursuing time-consuming interdisciplinary work.

Crossover 2.0 extend the Crossover 1.0 project in focusing on Knowledge Management discussed in Workshop 2.

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