Fields of Research

Macroeconomics and Financial Economics


What is the effect on macroeconomic variables of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and trade policy? How are the relationships between monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the exchange rate? What are the pros and cons of an inflation target in the monetary policy? How should the huge income from oil production be used? What are the effects of trade liberalization on productivity, investments, and economic growth? These are some of the key issues pertaining to Macroeconomics analyzed by researchers at the Department of Economics.

What can explain the extraordinary boom of the stock exchanges the last years? How do the actors in the financial markets behave? Is it possible to predict changes in the foreign exchange? Is the management strategy of the Norwegian Government Pension Fund - Global, one of the largest pension funds in the world, reasonable? Should more of the government income of oil production be invested nationally instead of in international financial markets? 

Professor Gunnar Bårdsen
Professor Egil Matsen
Professor Snorre Lindset
Professor Ragnar Torvik

PhD student Torgeir Kråkenes
PhD Student Synne Schancke Almaas

Selected publications

Bårdsen, G. and L. Fanelli (2015), Frequentist evaluation of small DSGE models, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming.

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