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Background and activities

Dynamic modelling and analysis of long span cable-supported bridges subjected to wind loading with emphasis on field measurements


PhD Candidate Aksel Fenerci is currently working on the Hardanger Bridge Monitoring Project. His project work includes analysis of field data, modeling of wind field characteristics and dynamic response analysis of suspension bridges under wind excitation. 

His research aims to improve the current understanding of wind-induced dynamic behavior of suspension bridges. 


Research Objectives

  • Description of wind characteristics in a complex terrain
  • Understanding the influence of environmental factors on bridge response
  • Revealing the uncertainitiy involved in response prediction


Research Group

Structural Dynamics



Ole Øiseth

Anders Ronnquist

Bjørn Isaksen


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Fenerci, Aksel; Øiseth, Ole. (2017) Evaluation of wind-induced response predictions of a long-span suspension bridge using full-scale measurements. 7th European African Conference of Wind Engineering ; Liege. 2017-07-03 - 2017-07-07.
  • Fenerci, Aksel; Øiseth, Ole. (2016) Full scale measurements on the Hardanger Bridge during strong winds. IMAC XXXIV Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics . SEM; Orlando. 2016-01-25 - 2016-01-28.
  • Fenerci, Aksel; Øiseth, Ole. (2016) Wind Field Characteristics at Hardanger Bridge Site. 12th UK Conference on Wind Engineering ; Nottingham. 2016-09-05 - 2016-09-07.