Background and activities

Research area : 

Synthesis and characterization of nanocatalyst for HER in alkaline Polymer Electrolyte Electrolysis 


2016: M.Sc. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Cairo University.

Thesis title “Synthesis and Characterization of Core-shell n ZnO/p CuO Nanowires for Solar Energy Applications ”

2014: Bachelor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt.
Grade: “B.Sc. with Honors Degree” (GPA = 4.0/4.0 during senior two years) Overall Rank is the First.
Graduation Project: “Synthesis and Characterization of nanoporous anodic alumina membranes” Grade: Distinction.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Faid, Alaa; Barnett, Alejandro; Seland, Frode; Sunde, Svein. (2018) Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen evolution in alkaline Water electrolysis. Electrochemistry Seminar ; 2018-05-31.
  • Faid, Alaa; Manikandan, Maidhily; Seland, Frode; Sunde, Svein; Barnett, Alejandro. (2018) Bimetallic Nano Electrocatalyst for HER in Alkaline Polymer Electrolysis. 233rd ECS meeting . ECS; Seattle. 2018-05-12 - 2018-05-17.