Background and activities

To reduce the consumption of resources and limit CO2eq emissions it is necessary to change the way we think, work with, and manage our built environment. Circular economy as an emerging practice is profoundly relevant for achieving sustainability in the building and construction industry.

To implement a circular economy in practice it is important to collect and store digital information about the built environment and define a continuous data flow through the value chain. Information and data for the circular economy need to be digital, open, and accessible.

My interest is on the topic of circular economy and how new technologies and digitalization can support its implementation. The purpose of my study is to help the AEC-industry to become more circular, digital, and innovative.

While doing my PhD I am collaborating with buildingSMART in Norway where I hold a position as CSO. I have experience as project manager in the AEC-industry and a background from the university in architecture and real estate management. 

Happy to connect and discuss these topics! 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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