Background and activities

I am a PhD student in the research group Analysis and Control of Microbial Systems at NTNU's Department of Biotechnology, after completing both my Bachelor and Master studies in Germany at the University of Konstanz in the context of Microbial Ecology.

In my PhD studies I am working with atlantic salmon fry (Salmo salar) and the fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeri. I will examine the treatment succes of two different approaches (non-specific antibiotic treatment vs. specific phage therapy) with a focus on the impact these treatments have on the fish microbiome. Furthermore, I will investigate the role of the fsh's microbiota in protecting the host against Y. ruckeri infection.

My main work in the lab consists of microbiological methods (bacterial culture, sterile working etc.) and the rearing of the salmon yolk sac fry as well as cell-biological methods like PCR. Further, I perform deep sequencing of 16S rRNA amplicons in order to characterize the commensal microbial communities of the salmon fry and will use these data to develop complex network analysis methods later in my project.

In my freetime I like to go hiking and trekking as well as playing badminton. I also like to repair things like bycicles, broken lab equipment and everything else that does not work.