Background and activities

Alexei Vinogradov is a professor at the Department of Engineering Design and Materials since January 2016.  Educated in solid state physics, he has a Ph.D in physics and mathematics from A.F.Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Science of Russia and Dr. Eng. degree from Kyoto Univeristy, Japan. Before taking the postion at NTNU he has held academic positions in Japan (1992-2011) and Russia (2011-2015)  


Research Interests

  • Mechanical behaviour of materials, strength and plasticity, fatigue, corrosion and environmentally assisted fracture, strain localization and non-linear phenomena and non-equilibrium thermodynamics of plastic deformation.
  • Advanced materials (design, manufacture, characterization and modelling) – bulk nano-structured and ultra-fine grain materials, magnesium alloys, severe plastic deformation, high strength structural materials.
  • Acoustic emission and non-destructive testing and characterization for failure prevention, advanced signal processing, intelligent monitoring systems.

Completed projects

  • 2010-2014, Project manager, Project title: Physical Grounds and Technologies for Fracture Prediction”, (Russia), Budget: 70 MNOK. 
  • 2014, Project manager, Project title: Critical states of structural materials under complex loading and next-generation intelligent monitoring systems for hazardous industrial facilities (Russia)  2014. Budget:  3.4 MNOK
  • 2014, Project manager,Project title: Technological Principles of Continuous Monitoring and Forecasting of Steels Degradation at Low Temperatures in Arctic (Russia),Project partner:  Freiberg Technical University, Germany, Budget: 2 MNOK
  • 2014-2015, Project title: Innovative ultrafine grain magnesium alloys with enhanced fatigue, corrosion and technological properties” (Russia) Project partner: Seoul National University, Korea, Budget: 2.8 MNOK


Editorial Work/ Professional Associations

  • member of the editorial board of Materials Science and Engineering A
  • member of the Scientific Council at Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation 

International Collaboration Network

  • JAPAN: Osaka City University, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto; Kyoto University; Tohoku University, Sendai;  Doshisha University, Kyoto; Kumamoto University, Kumamoto

  • GERMANY: University of Erlangen, Freiberg Technical University, University of Munster

  • RUSSIA:  Togliatti Univeristy, Moscow national University of Science and Technology

  • AUSTRALIA: Monash University, Melbourne

  • SWITZERLAND: Swiss Federal University of Technology (ETH Zurich)

  • CZECH REPUBLIC: Charles University, Prague

  • SWEDEN: Lund University, Lund


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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