Background and activities

Allen is a Researcher for the project Applied Ethics: Technology and Governance of Health and Natural Resources at NTNU Programme for Applied Ethics, IFR


Allen earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Bergen. He published several papers based on his PhD thesis on the issue of threshold considerations in rationing healthcare in extreme scarcity with focus on the role of basic needs and abilities in moral agency. Prior to his current project, he has worked on a postdoctoral project at NTNU in globalization, cultural conflicts and ethics of enhancement technologies which involved conducting online deliberative experiments and reflecting on the role of culture-based reasons in public debates about new technologies. His Master of Arts in Philosophy thesis on the place of empirical methods in bioethics was published in the journal Bioethics. He has been involved in engaging students and researchers in thinking about multicultural conflicts and deliberative ethics through teaching and guest lecturing in graduate courses: Multicultural Conflicts and Ethics and Technology for a Good Society. He has also co-organized (with May Thorseth and Siri Carson) the NTNU PhD Course Globalization Theory, Methodology and Ethics.

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