Background and activities

I am a PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies at the Norwegian Centre for Energy Transition Studies (NTRANS). My research project investigates upscaling of low-carbon transition technologies and barriers to accelerated diffusion through a case study on carbon capture technology. My interests include energy justice, environmental and transition governance, and multi-scalar analysis and approaches to low-carbon transitions

I completed my master’s in Geographies of Sustainable Development at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation at the University of Bergen. My research there explored the potential of solar photovoltaics to alleviate energy poverty with a case study in Lisbon, Portugal. This research culminated in a master’s thesis and an academic paper.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications


  • Andersen, Allan Dahl; Bjørgum, Øyvind; Coenen, Lars Martel Antoine; Dale, Ragnhild Freng; Geels, Frank W.; Gonzalez, Jakoba Sraml; Hanson, Jens; Korsnes, Marius; Linnerud, Kristin; Mäkitie, Tuukka; Nordholm, Amber Joy; Ryghaug, Marianne; Skjølsvold, Tomas Moe; Steen, Markus; Walnum, Hans Jakob; Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja. (2021) Increasing the speed, scope, and level of decarbonization for meeting the Net-zero 2050 challenge. Implications for sustainability transitions research. 2021. ISBN 978-82-93863-12-0.