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  • Blichfeld, Anders Bank. (2017) Pair Distribution Function Measurements on Thermoelectric Thin films: Iron and Zinc Antimonides. Workshop on Surface and Interface Diffraction in Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry (CMPC) . PETRA III, DESY; DESY, Hamburg. 2017-03-09 - 2017-03-10.
  • Blichfeld, Anders Bank; Jensen, Kirsten M. Ø.; Dippel, Ann-Christin; Iversen, Bo B. (2017) Thermoelectric and Structural Study of Zinc-Antimony Thin Films Grown by Sputtering Deposition. 6th National Meeting on Inorganic and Materials Chemistry . The NAnostructures and FUnctional MAterials (NAFUMA), UiO; Comfort Hotel Runway, Gardemoen. 2017-05-02 - 2017-05-03.