Background and activities

Research focus on methods and models for resource planning og control. Since 2015, I have been working together with the healthcare sector on projects related to resource planning of imaging equipment (MRI and CT), surgery scheduling, personnel scheduling, and planning of activities in outpatient clinics.

My doctoral thesis considered optimization of ICT services and data centers in the cloud computing area with a special focus on quality of service and power usage.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Klyve, Kjartan Kastet; Gullhav, Anders Nordby. (2021) Fremtidens turnusplanlegging ved sykehus - erfaringer ved bruk av ny teknologi. Norsk arbeidsliv mot 2050. Muligheter og trusler..
  • Gullhav, Anders N.; Nygreen, Bjørn; Heegaard, Poul Einar. (2013) Approximating the Response Time Distribution of Fault-­tolerant Multi­-tier Cloud Services. 2013 IEEE/ACM 6th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing.