Background and activities

PhD project title: Condensation of SiO and CO in silicon production. Started in July 2017


- Studying of SiO and CO condensation reactions kinetics.
- Characterization of industrial samples and condensation products from SiO and CO by TEM, SEM, XPS, XRD, EDX, Raman, FT-IR.
- Theories on mechanism of formation of condensates
- Calculation of temperature and partial pressure intervals for condensation products, for industrial applications
- HSC Chemistry modeling of species in the gas and solid phase
- Study of crystallographic defects in nanostructured compounds
- Impurities containing Fe, Al, Ca and Ti in MG-Si


M.Sc. in "Light Metals, Silicon and Ferro-Alloy Production" in 2015 at NTNU
M.Sc. in "Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology" in 2017 at Politecnico di Milano.

Master thesis title: "Inclusion optimized silicon for the production of silicones"



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5. A. Broggi, E. Ringdalen, M. Tangstad, "Characterization of  Si-SiO2 mixture generated from SiO and CO" (approved, to be published)