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Andreas Echtermeyer Andreas Echtermeyer is Professor for composites and polymers in the Department of Engineering Design and Materials at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim. He joined the university full time in 2008 after having been an adjunct professor since 2003. Previously he worked for Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as senior principal engineer in the section “Structural Integrity and Laboratories” and was responsible for composites and polymers in offshore applications. He continues to be a consultant for DNV. He received his PhD in Materials Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Diploma in Physics from the Technical University of Munich.


He has 18 years of industry experience with composite applications. He is author or co-author of more than 50 articles and more than 200 technical reports. He was the main contributor and responsible for the development of DNV’s offshore standards for composites offshore and composite risers. He was further heavily involved in the development of the rules for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) composite pressure vessels for ships, of the ISO standard update for umbilicals and guidelines for adhesive joint technology for repair of metal structures and of the Recommended Practice for Qualification of New Technology. He has been project manager or responsible of many national and international research projects as well as industrial development projects.
Research Areas
Composites and Polymers with emphasis on:
·         Long term performance, fatigue, creep, environmental degradation.
·         Mechanical and adhesive joints, especially between composites, polymers and metals.
·         Production methods such as resin infusion, filament winding, extrusion.
·         Multiscale modeling : atomic structure-engineering property relationship
·         Combination of experimental testing and theoretical modelling
·         Materials and components for the offshore industry
*       TMM4100/4105   Materialteknikk 1
*       TMM4235   Advanced Materials and Testing
*       MM8300   Composites and Polymers, PhD Course


Creep-Fatigue                                                               2010 - 2014
NTNU internal
Investigation of the combined effect of creep and cyclic fatigue on polymers.
European Union (EU project)                                          2010 - 2014
Repair of metal components with composite patches, adhesives joints.
Compact                                                                      2010 - 2014
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef 
Modeling of composite materials with impact damage.
NOWITECH                                                                  2009 - 2015
Offhore Wind Turbines      
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef, Devold AMT
Relation between production parameters and fatigue properties of composites.
Development of adaptive wind turbine blades, changing shape under loading.
Recyclable Composites                                                 2009-2010
NTNU internal
Development of high strength recyclable composites
Demanding Polyolefin Applications                                 2009 - 2013
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef, Brederaw Shaw, Nexans
Modeling production and thermal properties of insulation materials for steel pipes.
Arctic Materials                                                            2009 - 2013
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef
Adhesive and mechanical composite metal joints at low and varying temperatures.
Testing of carbon fiber rods and their end fittings              2008 - 2009
Aker Solutions                                   
Short and long term testing
Smooth Pipe          
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef                               2008 - 2010
Long term properties of coatings inside steel pipes                                                  
Development of extremely large wind turbine blades         2006 - 2009
Norwegian Research Council, Sintef, internal
Develop production methods, test methods and analysis tools.
Joint for carbon fiber rods                                               2006 - 2008
Idea fond, Aker Solutions
Develop and test pultruded carbon fiber rods and their end-fittings


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