Background and activities

I am Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis) of Modern English Language and Linguistics in the Department of Language and Literature. I received my undergraduate MA in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in 2008, an MA in Syntax from University College London in 2009, and a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014. Prior to starting at NTNU in 2015, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the English department of Ghent University in Belgium.

I am/have been responsible for teaching a number of courses in the section's and department's language portfolio. I focus on theoretical linguistics and syntax and semantics (ENG1101 English Linguistics, ENG2155 Theoretical Approaches to English Language, ENG3110 Special Subject in English Language, SPRÅK3002 Theories in Linguistics, SPRÅK3200 Semantics and Pragmatics), but have also taught in ENG1001 Global English and SPRÅK3001 Methods in Linguistics. I am also interested in advising student theses (at BA, MA, or PhD level) on any subject within theoretical linguistics, in particular syntax and semantics, or concerning (formal/grammatical aspects of) varieties of English.

Academic interests

I specialize in generative, theoretical linguistics. I am particularly interested in interfaces between the core linguistic 'modules' of syntax, semantics, and phonology/prosody. My work in this area particularly focuses on ellipsis (especially clausal ellipsis). I am also interested in comparative syntax and microvariation -- particularly syntactic and semantic features of dialects of English, especially Scottish English, and of ‘reduced written register’ such as diaries, text messages, headlines etc. I am a member of the AcqVA (Acquisition, Variation and Attrition) research group.

My personal website contains more details and copies of papers etc. (some 'in press, to appear, submitted' etc. which do not appear in the below automatically-generated list).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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