Background and activities

Research interests

Political behaviour in both elections and referendums (e.g. turnout, cleavage voting, and contextual effects), political communication (e.g. electoral campaigns and media effects), EU attitudes (e.g. future preferences, polarisation, and responsibility attributions) and survey research (e.g. nonresponse bias, misreporting and mixed-mode surveys).


Since fall 2021 I am Associate Professor in Political Science (quantitative methods) at the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU. Before joining NTNU, I held positions as lecturer and postdoctoral researcher (EUROPINIONS project) at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam (2016-2021), as postdoctoral researcher and PhD student at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva (2011-2016) and as project collaborator in the Swiss Electoral Studies Project (SELECTS) at FORS Lausanne (2011-2015).

Latest publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Hameleers, M., A. Brosius, F. Marquart, A.C. Goldberg, E.J. van Elsas and C.H. de Vreese (2022). Mistake or Manipulation? Conceptualizing Perceived Mis- and Disinformation Among News Consumers in Ten European Countries. Communication Research 49(7): 919-941.

Goldberg, A.C., A. Brosius and C.H. de Vreese (2022). Policy responsibility in the multilevel EU structure – The (non-)effect of media reporting on citizens’ responsibility attribution across four policy areas. Journal of European Integration 44(3): 381-409.

Goldberg, A.C., E.J. van Elsas and C.H. de Vreese (2021). One Union, different futures? Public preferences for the EU’s future and their explanations in ten EU countries. European Union Politics 22(4): 721-740.

Goldberg, A.C., K. Gattermann, F. Marquart, A. Brosius and C.H. de Vreese (2021). EU solidarity in times of crisis: The role of information and media use. West European Politics 44(5-6): 1314-1328.

Goldberg, A.C., E.J. van Elsas and C.H. de Vreese (2021). Eurovisions – An exploration and explanation of public preferences for future EU scenarios. Journal of Common Market Studies 59(2): 222–241.

Goldberg, A.C. and S. Lanz (2021). Living Abroad, Voting as if at Home? Electoral Motivations of Expatriates. Migration Studies 9(2): 279-310.

Datasets (open access)

Goldberg, A.C., van Elsas, E.J., Marquart, F., Brosius, A., de Boer, D.C., & de Vreese, C.H. (2021). Europinions: Public Opinion Survey. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5553 Data file Version 1.0.0,

Brosius, A., Marquart, F., de Boer, D.C., Goldberg, A.C., van Elsas, E.J., & de Vreese, C.H. (2021). Europinions: Media Study. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5554 Data file Version 1.0.0,