Background and activities

I am an occupational therapist in children's helath and have a PhD in clinical medicine. Currently, I am working in a 50% researchposition at IKOM, NTNU and 50% as associate professor at INB, NTNU. In addition, I have a 20% position as occupational therapist at St. Olavs Hospitalin. At IKOM I am part of the Center for Early Brain Development (CEBRA) research group at IKOM, NTNU ( Currently, I am project leader for an early intervention study for children at high risk for developing cerebral palsy, with special focus on hand function, mobility and communication/interaction. This project is part of a larger study that looks at how to use a computer program to analyze infant’s general movements in a video film to identify the children who have the highest risk of cerebral palsy. The purpose is to provide the children who need it a closer follow-up with the possibility of goal-directed interventions/training programs ( 

In addition, I am involved in an international network that works on the development and testing of measuring characteristics for hand-held tests for children with cerebral palsy. This network is conducted from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

What am I particularly concerned with:
I am particularly concerned with activity and participation for children with cerebral palsy, with a special interest in early intervention and children's hand function, as well as how to evaluate this in the best possible way.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Elvrum, Ann-Kristin; Vik, Torstein; Andersen, Guro Lillemoen; Krumlinde-Sundholm, Lena; Skranes, Jon Sverre. (2016) Assessment of hand function in children with bilateral cerebral palsy. Development and measurement properties of outcome measures and classifications. 2016. ISBN 9788232615964.