Background and activities

I am a Ph.D. candidate working on mechanisms and evolution of thermal tolerance in the Jutfelt Fish Ecophysiology lab. My project started in August 2019 and involves two main approaches to test what limits the upper thermal tolerance of vertebrates.

First, to uncover which phenotypic traits are important for survival and how the biology of ectotherms changes under the predicted climate challenges, I will characterise how life-history traits, metabolic rates, swim speed, thermal preference, and critical thermal maximum and minimum, vary between lines of the 8th generation of zebrafish selected for upper thermal limits. 

Second, to answer whether the whole animal response to critical temperatures is caused by limitations in specific organ systems, I will quantify and map the timing of the central nervous and circulatory responses to critical temperatures.

My supervisors are Fredrik Jutfelt, Florence Kermen and Timothy Clark.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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