Background and activities

Anna Krulatz is Professor of English at the Department of Teacher Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. She holds a PhD in linguistics from the University of Utah. Her research focuses on multilingualism with English, pragmatic development in adult language learners, content based instruction, and language teacher education. She has published articles, teaching tips, and book chapters. She is actively involved with the international TESOL community and in-service professional development for EFL teachers in Norway and serves on the Board of Trustees of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (

Research grants

Acquisition of English in the multilingual classroom (with Eivind Torgersen); The Research Council of Norway, 2018-2022

Increasing teacher awareness about the positive impact of multilingualism on the acquisition of English (with Eivind Torgersen); Sør-Trøndelag University College, 2015

Multilingualism in Trondheim public schools: Raising teacher awareness in the English as a Foreign Language classroom (with Eivind Torgersen and Anne Dahl); The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, 2014

Current teaching and supervision

LGU12008 English 1 module 2 (CBLT)

LGU52009 English 1 module 2 (CBLT)

LGU53003 English 2 (Second language acquisition)

LGU53002 BA thesis

EDU3080 Communicative Competence

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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