Background and activities


I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Language and Literature. I have a MA in Latin (University of Amsterdam) and a MA in English Linguistics and Language acquitision (NTNU). I am part of the AcqVA research group group and of the Øyelab (EyeLands Lab). My advisors are Dave Kush and Andrew Weir.

Research interests

My research centers around the processing of long-distance dependencies. In my PhD project, I investigate the processing of anaphora. More specifically, I am interested in the role of prediction/active parsing when establishing long-distance dependencies during incremental processing. My experiments research the nature of active parsing mechanisms, and the influence of syntactic and non-syntactic factors on active parsing mechanisms.

I use various psycholinguistic methods, among which eye-tracking while reading and self-paced reading.


  • Giskes, A., & Kush, D. (2021). Processing cataphors: Active antecedent search is persistent. Memory & Cognition, 49, 1370-1386.
  • Călinescu*, L., Giskes*, A., Vulchanova, M., & Baggio, G. (2020). Embedding (im) plausible clauses in propositional attitude contexts: Modulatory effects on the N400 and late components. Journal of Neurolinguistics53, 100877.
    *equal contributions

  • Giskes, A. (2018). The On-Line Processing of Epistemic Modal Verbs During Language Comprehension-An ERP Study (Master's thesis, NTNU).
  • Giskes, A. (2016). Quidem and Equidem: an analysis of two Latin discourse particles. (Master's thesis, University of Amsterdam).

Ongoing projects: The time course of dependency formation

I am currectly working on two projects investigating the time-course of referential dependency formation triggered by encountering a cataphor:

  • A series of reading experiments in Dutch, investigating whether the parser commits to a syntactic prediction of a cataphor's antecedent position.
  • An eye-tracking experiment and a self-paced reading experiment in Norwegian investigating whether committing to such a syntactic prediction extends to predicting consequential selection restrictions of the verb.


Conference contributions


  • CUNY 34th Conference on Human Sentence Processing
    What to expect when you are expecting an antecedent: processing cataphora in Dutch (poster)
  • NoSLiP 5th Norwegian Graduate Student Conference for Linguistics and Philology
    Long-distance dependencies do not entail predictive structure building (talk)
  • AMLaP Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing
    Differential time courses for referential and syntactic active dependency formation (short talk)


  • CUNY 33th Conference on Human Sentence Processing
    Active search in cataphoric processing extends past the subject (poster)
  • AMLaP Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing
    Active antecedent search triggered by cataphors persists past the subject: evidence from English and Norwegian (poster)
  • NGL International Conference of Nordic and General Linguistics (canceled due to Covid)
    Active search triggered by cataphors behaves like filler-gap processing (talk)


  • CUNY 32th Conference on Human Sentence Processing
    Antecedent retrieval during the processing of Dutch reciprocal pronouns (poster)
  • SNL 11th Society for the Neurobiology of Language
    Embedding (im)plausible clauses in propositional attitude contexts: Modulatory effects on the N400 and late components (poster)


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