Anne-S. Helvik

Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Public Health and Nursing
+47 73597565
Håkon Jarls gate 11, Øya Helsehus * 153.03.001

Background and activities

Focus of the research

The aim of the research is coping and everyday life among adults and older persons with chronic health problems and/or impairment.

Ongoing supervision of Doctoral students

Main supervisor

  •  Bjarne Austad - Collaboration between primary and secondary care. Follow up of children with ventilation tube in the tympanic membrane (NTNU)
  • Ingrid Følling - “Old habits –hard to change” How to improve health behaviour in individuals who have already established bad habits? A prospective study of participants in the healthy life municipal centres (NTN
  •  Mette Bratt - Olfactory function and dysfunction after Traumatic Brain Injury (NTNU) U)
  • Kjerstin Tevik - Consumption of alcohol and use of psychotropic drugs in older adults – a population based study (NTNU)


  •  Miriam Gustafsson - Pregnancy and psychological general well-being (NTNU)


Research unit at NTNU: Allmennmedisinsk Forsknings Enhet (AFE)

Additional positions at ENT at St. Olavs Hospital and Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Aging and Health

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications