Background and activities


Focus of the research

The the academic carrier is focusing on quality of life, coping, everyday life, impairment and disability, mostly in adults and older people. A health promoting perspective is used. In this context research on use of alcohol and drugs with an addiction potential has importance. In addition, topics like depression, dementia, olfactory functioning and hearing, treatment, care and follow-up are central. Both Quantitative and Qualitative research method is used.

Ongoing supervision of Doctoral students

Main supervisor


  • Lillian Karlsen Hospital at home (Helseinnovasjonssenteret i Kristiansund)

  •  Ben KamsvågAlcohol consumption in older individuals with cognitive impairment and dementia (Sykehuset Innlandet)
  • Heidi Sivertsen Depression among older community residents: A HUNT4 70+ study
  • Ingrid Torvik Heian Olfaction – Increasing knowledge of the Cinderella of senses


  • Marte Rystad Øie - The nose in COPD(NTNU)


Research unit at NTNU: Allmennmedisinsk Forsknings Enhet (AFE)  and aging and healt in older adults (

Additional positions at Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Aging and Health

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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