Background and activities

Anne Berit Emstad innovation manager at the Department of Teacher Education, and is closely connected to the university schools in Trondheim. One of her tasks is to unleash more of the innovation potential from research and research collaboration, be a door opener for new opportunities for cooperation, working with leading epert communities at TNU and in team with other innovation managers. 

She is a professor of school management. She has taught both pedagogy in teacher education and masters in school leadership and principal education. She has carried out research projects related to school management, cultural schools, school assessment, newly qualified teachers and teacher education. She participates in both national and international research projects and research networks, and researches in the field, preferably together with school leaders when she works with school development and improvement of practice. She has extensive teaching experience from primary school, teacher education and school leader education. She has also worked as an educational consultant at the school owner level for many years. She has published articles and books and participated as an invited speaker in municipalities and conferences, and has participated in international and national conferences with paper presentations.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Knutsen, Bård; Emstad, Anne Berit. (2021) Ledelse for en inkluderende skole - også for elever med et stort læringspotensial. Fagbokforlaget. 2021. ISBN 9788245037463.
  • Emstad, Anne Berit; Birkeland, Ide Katrine. (2020) Lærende ledelse Skolelederes rolle i å utvikle en profesjonell læringskultur. Universitetsforlaget. 2020. ISBN 9788215030753.
  • Emstad, Anne Berit; Angelo, Elin. (2015) Ledelse for læring i mulighetenes skole. Skoleledelse i skjæringsfeltet mellom allmenndanning og talentutvikling. Cappelen Damm Akademisk. 2015. ISBN 9788202482459.
  • Emstad, Anne Berit. (2014) Skolevurdering. Et verktøy for ledelse, utvikling og læring i skolen. Fagbokforlaget. 2014. ISBN 9788232102761.

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