Background and activities

Anne Kristine Børresen is Dean at the Faculty of the Humanities, NTNU. She is professor in modern history.

Anne Kristine Børresen (born 1964) was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Humanities on 1 August, 2013. She is Professor of modern history and her research has primarily been focused on topics from Norwegian industry, technology and science history from approx. 1850 to approx. 1970.
Børresen has the degrees of cand.philol. (1991) and (1995) in history from the University of Trondheim (now: NTNU).She has been permanently employed at NTNU since 2004; first as Associate Professor, then as Professor since 2008.. From 2011 to 2013 she was Chair of the Programme Board for history at the Department of History and Classical Studies.

Børresen has been an active participant in several of NTNU's interdisciplinary programs. She led one of the projects in the program Productivity 2005 funded by the Research Council. From 2004 she participated in the development and management of the Forum for the Knowledge of History. She has also helped build a national network of science history. Since 2009, the network has held annual international conferences in the history of science. She has been a member of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters since 2010.

Børresen has been a member of two program committees in the Research Council of Norway (NFR): First in the social science program Public sector change (1999−2001), then in the Expert Committee for the Humanities (2007−2009). In 2010 she was also a member of the NFR planning committee  that designed the project memorandum to the new initiative for the humanities and social sciences in Norway: Cultural conditions underlying social change (SAMKUL).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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